Bios Origins 4p Teaching & Play-through by Heavy Cardboard

**This is a sponsored play-through from Ion Game Design** Are you interested in learning how to play Bios: Origins? Here is your chance! Edward, from Heavy Cardboard teach you how to play in this video. Later, they're joined by Jess, Greg, and Ken for a full-game play-through. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don't forget to like and subscribe! 1:03 Video start 1:34 Intro =======TEACH======= 4:27 Game intro 5:28 World Map (B3) 9:34 Idea Cards (B2b) 9:57 Challenge and Comets Cards (B2ac) 10:22 Player tableau - Placards (B1) 11:44 Rosetta Stone 12:32 Goal of the game and Victory Points (I) 14:37 Overview of the game 16:11 Game sequence 16:45 Player’s turn 17:26 Activities Phase (G) 20:01 Specialize Action (G1) 20:42 Brain (D1f) 21:43 Market (D1a) 23:25 Invent Action (G2) 24:17 Idea Card Anatomy (B2b) 26:16 Eureka (G2b) 30:27 Library Action (G3) 31:43 Spread Action (G6) 34:51 Art (G9c) and Prayer Actions (G9d) 36:29 Prospect Action (G7cd) 38:22 Domesticate/Cultivate (G7ab) 39:02 Elect Action (G4) 39:41 Diversity & Dissidents 41:52 Activities Phase Summary 42:13 Footprint & Restore Market Phase (H) 43:36 Challenge the Gods (E) 44:27 Challenge Cards Anatomy (B2a) 45:45 Challenge: Events (E1) 46:47 Challenge: Auction (E2) 50:14 Comet Card (B2c, E3) & Chaos (D2) 51:56 Comet Scoring (E3d) 53:02 Final Scoring (I) 53:34 Bellwether (E3e) 54:48 Player’s Turn Summary 55:32 Different Varians of Play (C) Other rules mentioned during the playthrough: 1:20:51 Quiet Revolution (E2i) 1:40:26 Artisan Action (J5d) 2:02:25 Preach Transaction (J3b) 2:04:10 Chaos (D2) 2:40:27 Blitzkrieg (G6c) 2:46:37 Revolution (D3) 3:22:23 War Transaction (J3c) 4:52:15 Exogamy (J5a) & Emissaries (Ff) 5:17:18 Science Action (J5h) 5:41:00 Demagogue Action (G9h) 5:41:20 Cold War (J9c) =======GAME ON!======= 58:03 Game start 1:14:03 Challenge the Gods 1:33:42 Challenge the Gods 1:42:41 Challenge the Gods 1:51:02 Challenge the Gods 2:00:00 Challenge the Gods 2:16:51 Challenge the Gods 2:26:30 Comet claimed (end of Epoch I) 2:45:02 Challenge the Gods 3:26:33 Challenge the Gods 3:45:49 Challenge the Gods 3:57:14 Comet claimed (end of Epoch II) 4:39:52 Challenge the Gods 4:50:58 Challenge the Gods 5:14:29 Challenge the Gods 5:24:27 Comet claimed (end of Epoch III) 5:39:33 Challenge the Gods 6:00:11 Challenge the Gods 6:18:51 Challenge the Gods 6:24:28 Comet claimed (end of Epoch IV) 6:24:45 Final scoring 6:26:01 And the winner is... 6:26:17 Outro BGG Game Link: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Visit our website: Support us: BGG Guild: Patreon: Follow us on Instagram: Follow Heavy Cardboard on Twitter: Like our Facebook page: Listen to the podcast! iTunes: Google Play feed: Want to send us something? Heavy Cardboard 321 Main St. Suite 2001 Wakefield, MA 01880 Thanks for watching and remember to comment below with your thoughts & feedback!

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